Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sewing School Artwork

I was recently contacted by the owner/instructor of Happy Pin Sewing School in Northern California regarding permission to use of one of my paintings for cards for her students.  I, of course, was thrilled.  Not only am I pleased that a fellow artist (albeit, one who expresses her creativity through fabric and design) thought highly enough of my work to incorporate it in her business, but she also followed the protocol for permission and proper credit.  Additionally, she sent me a sample card which looks gorgeous.  (I may need to switch my supplier for future client Christmas cards featuring my art!)

Permission to use artwork doesn't always involve money.  Artists can be surprisingly accommodating....  Just ask!

Happy Pin Sewing School (Grass Valley, CA):  http://www.happypinsewingschool.com/
Card Manufacturer:  http://www.sendoutcards.com/