Friday, July 20, 2012

Sand Dollar

Oil on canvas panel (museum grade)
Recently, I spent a week in Galveston. Envision this: A small beachfront cottage on the western edge of the island. Few tourists (other than my family of three and two small fluffy pooches). A deck that runs the length of the cottage, parallel to the beach. Large windows overlooking the Gulf. Easy access to the sand and surf. A balmy breeze. The beginnings of a magnificent sandcastle started on the afternoon we arrived. Rain. Yes, rain. Lots of it. On day #2. For the duration of the trip.
The ground was saturated. The sandcastle "melted." The fluffsters were drenched. The aroma of "wet dog" mingled with the salty sea air. Eight of the nine bottles of sunblock we packed remain unopened.
This sand dollar evokes dreams of a sunny beach vacation. Next year....