Thursday, July 11, 2013

Greeting Cards

Hello, strangers!  It has been a busy few months and I've been spreading my wings in many directions.  The most recent, as mentioned in this post's title, is greeting cards!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by (Target is one of their clients) to create special occasion cards.  I've only submitted a few thus far (I'm honing my Photoshop skills big time and still only know how to utilize a miniscule amount of its power!), but just found out that the above painting/card is today's "Design of the Day."  Wow.

I'll be plodding along with this side business as I rev up my engine for more original paintings in the coming month.  Having my daughter home from school for the summer, however, has created numerous, pleasant distractions.  (Alas, that doesn't pay the bills--it only creates more!)

I'll keep you posted.... (Get it?  Posted?  Tee hee....)  Enjoy your day!

P.S.  The original painting is still available.  Please contact me for further information regarding size, pricing, et. al.  Thanks!